Hysterical Games

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1a Grove Lane Business Park
CV37 8DX

Unless otherwise specified, visitors must contact us in advance before coming to our workshop.

07597392490 (Wednesday to Sund

[email protected]

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Hysterical Games is a friendly team based in South Warwickshire, which specialises in resin and metal figurines for their games Panzerfäuste and S.P.Q.oRc. They are also one of the leading contract casters in the UK, offering 3D modelling, 3D printing, Resin casting (in a variety of Polyuretane resins, as well as Polyester resin, including a number of special effects) and White Metal casting.

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  • Samuel Boyd (7 years ago)

    1. Awesome, high-quality, resin miniatures.
    2. Great customer service. Communication with the company is direct and rapid.

  • Ben Honey (7 years ago)

    Amazing customer service, quality products and a wonderful eye for getting it just right in all areas, especially with regard to humour and fun for the customer, oh and they like their biscuits, a lot.

  • anthony caryl (7 years ago)

    Hysterical Games publishes and makes miniatures and scenic elements for the tabletop war game Panzerfauste where British Orcs, French Gnomes, German Dwarves and Polish Kobolds meet in battle in an alternate reality with a tech level around that of World War I & II.

    The high quality resin miniatures they sell are a pleasure to build, paint and game with (especially the Orcs).

    They also publish Futbowel (coming Dec 2016) a simple 'beer and crisps' celebration of the Hognachtswatch football game in No Man's Land between the Orcs and the Dwarves (the unarmed players can also double as POWs for Panzerfauste too for added value).

    Helpful and friendly with a great mail order service