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Antenociti's Workshop™ was created to cater to the wargamer who wants that quality scenery, terrain materials and tools at affordable prices. Since 2005 we have built a catalogue of scenery and terrain building tools and materials that enable you to build fantasy, sci-fi and historical terrain, scenery and buildings to suit wargamer's from all types of gaming. We only stock items that we have tried and tested ourselves and we are able to recommend and advise on all products through practical, personal experience: we use the same items that you see in the shop.

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  • Mark Anderson (5 years ago)

    These guys have a wonderful range of supplies for scratchbuilds and are extremely helpful.

  • Morven Lewis-Everley (5 years ago)

    These guys produce amazing figures and scenery. I have spent way to much money on their products (but it was all worth it).